viscountessdownton asked:

Hey! I see you ship Mary/Blake, like I do, and I wanted to a ask something. I can't understand why JF would create the Charles possiblity for Mary and then throw him away. He doesn't appear in the trailers, there's only Tony and Tony and Tony. IMDb says he'll be in episode 1, which is great, but I still think something isn't explained completly. I like Tony, very much, but I think that Mary would be a thousand times better with Charles, what do you think?


Oh, no no, I think there is no reason at all to believe that Charles won’t play an important role in S5. We are talking about a trailer - they tend to be deceptive. The role of Charles Blake has been developed so carefully, that I would be very surprised, if he didn’t play his significant part in the battle - which after all has just officially commenced.

I personally prefer Charles as a suitor, because he is much more of an antithesis to Mary than Tony. Which promises interesting story material. But if JF chooses another way for Mary to go, he’ll make the best of it, I am sure. 

And I can’t imagine him closing the Mary’s men storyline soon, it’s so important to the whole show’s energy balance.

So, let’s wait and see. :)